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The Price You Pay

The Price You Pay…interesting read from Scott Faver

The price you pay for a professional service, company or individual, includes their promise to provide their services, no matter what, on the day of your event.

Since 1980 as a professional DJ I have performed sick, with a broken leg, on the day of a family death, twice when my wife went into labor, and several times after being offered DOUBLE the price I charged my client. None of which my clients ever knew at performance time.

I hope that all your event professionals are equally committed to play their part as promised in your successful celebration.

Sadly, those looking for: Reasonable, Budget Friendly, The Best Deal, Affordable, Fair, Modest, Nominal, Thrifty, Economical pricing, or have a friend who offered to do it for free; plus, they didn’t get a contract and didn’t pay a deposit… Regularly get: Canceled on, Ghosted, No Show, had an “emergency” which is code for “got a better paying event”.

The challenge is when a company\individual is not charging enough then they can’t afford to stay in business, they don’t have insurance, a backup process \ policy, proper equipment, nor reliable transportation. So, 6-12 months after they promised to be there for your event, they’re no longer in business.

For your next event consider the peace of mind that comes with selecting a true event professional who takes the success of your celebration as seriously as you do. [Smile]

You have the dream... We make it happen.......Contact Bolton DJ Services to make your Dream happen!


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