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Let’s Daaaaaaaaaaance!

The pandemic of 2020 caused wedding receptions to be put on hold or only held with limited numbers, while observing restrictive social distancing parameters. Many wedding couples stated that they would not consider having their wedding reception during the pandemic because of the “no dancing” restriction. No or limited dancing appeared to be the biggest ‘deal breaker’ in proceeding with weddings.

Why are they not willing to compromise?

One of the major elements of most weddings is dancing. People just love to dance! In some cultures, dancing is an integral part of their heritage. Dancing is frequently the single greatest opportunity guests have to collectively express the happiness they feel for the newly married couple.

When dancing is not allowed, Facebook wedding groups are filled with comments such as:

“What’s a wedding without dancing? 😢 ” “A wedding is not a wedding without dancing.” “Now we can have all our loved ones at our wedding but no dancing? It’s not a wedding without it. 😭 ” “No wedding is complete without dancing.” “I’m not having a wedding without dancing. 😪 ”

When the joy of entertainment was taken away, many wedding couples were forced to appreciate the incredible impact that entertainment has on a wedding reception. For some, this was not big news, for others, the value of entertainment began to carry a far greater importance than had previously been realized. When being forced to choose between having a wedding with no dancing or postponing until they are permitted to have dancing, the vast majority of wedding couples chose to postpone.

Numerous surveys conducted with couples following their wedding have unanimously revealed that they would have spent more money on quality entertainment if they had known the true impact it was capable of delivering. Sadly, however, it is frequently the element that is not given the priority warranted during the planning process. In many cases, when the budget has been depleted, whatever is left over is relegated to entertainment.

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken much from the world. In response, many of us have been reminded of those things we value most greatly. For it is often in times of loss, that we are sometimes reminded about what we cherish so greatly.

When this pandemic becomes a distant memory, we will be here to help you celebrate again. Remember why you postpone your celebration and ensure you get the best entertainment your wedding can buy.

Prioritize that which was paramount in your decision to postpone your big day.

If your wedding was postponed because it wouldn’t measure up to the level of entertainment and excitement you had been dreaming of, don’t relegate your entertainment to the bottom of your budget. If you have yet to secure your entertainment, ensure this is done early in the planning process.

Prioritize appropriately and we guarantee you will have a celebration that is more than worth postponing for. And like Ren McCormack shouts near the end of Footloose, we’ll help you in screaming with your guests, let’s daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!

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