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Planning Your Wedding

Getting married may be one of the single most important decisions you ever make in your life. The wedding day itself will be remembered for years to come – so you want to make it perfect. Let’s give you some ideas for planning your dream wedding.


When picking the right venue for the reception you first have to have a good idea of how many people will be attending. Once you know whether you will be hosting a large crowd or if it will be a small and intimate affair, then you can begin to search for the right place. You will need to know if the venue is simply offering the space and if you are expected to organize your own caterers, chairs, linens, etc. Then you can decide what colour scheme best fits the surroundings. Visit the venue and explore it keeping in mind you need a suitable place to have the wedding photos taken, bearing in mind the time of day the photos will be taken. If some of your guests are from out of town find out if there is suitable accommodation for them at the venue, or nearby. Just 90 minutes from Toronto, Buckhorn’s beautiful Westwind Inn on The Lake, recently featured in Cottage Life TV, offers weddings services including accommodations with 35 rooms. Dining seating is offered for 70 guests inside the Inn and they also offer outdoor weddings in a special weddings tent for 100 guests.

Dressing the Bridal Party

Naturally you will want to choose a wedding dress that makes you feel like the bride you have

dreamed of being. Keep in mind the venue and colours of the venue when dressing the bridal


Proper fit is important and often brides and members of the wedding party want to shed

pounds quickly before the wedding. Quick weight loss is possible to achieve and can be done

with the assistance of a Naturopath and Chiropractor like Dr. Keith Thomson, located in

Peterborough. Dr Thomson works with those looking for quick weight loss solutions in a

monitored and encouraging environment, with safe and effective natural supplements.

Food and Catering

Once you know what your venue offers as far as facilities you can begin planning the food you

will serve your guests. If you are going to be using a caterer some things to keep in mind are

that caterers have access to good prices on equipment and supplies which may relieve some

of the financial stress a wedding can bring. We spoke to Bonnie Kubica of BE Catering, an

award-winning company who has catered for the Garden Show in Peterborough. She asks her

clients to provide as much detail as possible when looking to use her services. Some of the

questions she asks are: What style of service do you want (buffet, family style or served)? Do

you need us to provide dessert? Late night snack food?

Personal Chef

Another option is choosing a personal Chef to handle your catering needs for you. This allows

you to have a skilled Chef create a menu based on your desires and give advice on your

catering needs. Chef Brian Henry is a popular choice for Cottage country, offering wedding

services catered to the desires of his clients.


Choosing flowers does depend on personal taste, but some things to consider are what is in

season at the time of your wedding – you would like your flowers to last throughout the day. It’s

helpful to have an experienced florist help you make this decision. Sometimes the florist will

even provide you with a free throwaway bouquet with a minimum order, so you can keep your

own bouquet. Kathleen Home of Kawartha Lakes Flowers offers those booking wedding floral

orders over $400 a throw away bouquet at no additional charge.

Professional Planning

It might be less stressful to hire a professional planner to organize your day for you. If you

choose someone with years of experience they will think of every potential hiccup in the day

and make sure you avoid those pitfalls. A wedding planner could help with every aspect of the

event from invitations, to advising on colour schemes, co-ordinating rehearsals, advice on

which cake to choose and which style and decor you are going to go with.


When deciding on transportation it’s helpful to know numbers in advance – you can rent

various different sizes of vehicle, anything from a 6 seater sedan all the way up to a Coach

Limo Bus, depending on what your guests and your needs are.

Disc Jockey Services

Choosing the right DJ is important because first of all you need to make sure the music will be

to your taste, and ask if the DJ is willing to work with you – allowing you to add your own

songs, and assisting with lighting and audio. Peterborough DJ Dale Bolton, Bolton DJ Services,

will consult with you before your event to ensure the success of the ceremony, reception and dance. He will provide sound equipment and video for indoors and outdoors, as well as the music.


This is such an important part of the day! You will want the photos to capture and reflect the

feelings you had on your special day and you need someone who will take the time to listen to

your wishes. It’s always a good idea to take the time to meet the photographer beforehand and

plan photos by showing samples of shots you have seen and like, to give the photographer

insight on what you like.

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